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Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2: Gas Pump Girls Meet the Pulsating Inconvenience from Planet X

Walkthrough by Bruce A. Smith

This solution was first published in
Quest for Clues - The Manual of Swords edited by Shay Addams.

You can play the game as one of three different characters, Zeke, Lydia, or Barth. Below are solutions for all three. There is some story overlap for all of them.


Playing the game as Zeke:

Do the following and then use the instructions for Lydia: Talk to Lydia. Go right. Go forward twice. Turn left. Go forward twice. Turn left. Enter Professor's house.


Playing the game as Lydia:

Lydia's house

Talk to boy. Ask him about the alien. Ask him about radioactive isotopes and liquid rubber. Go down stairs. Lower the switch on the invention. Go upstairs and exit the house. Turn around three times until you're facing the town. Enter the bar. Get whiskey. Exit bar and continue down street until you're facing the sheriff's office. Enter the civil aid station to the right. Open cabinet. Get sulpher. Leave the station. Go forward twice.


If you're playing the game as Lydia, talk to Zeke. Enter the garage section where the car is. Enter car. Get transmitter. Go to front of car. Get rubber hose. Turn around 3 times to leave station. Turn left. Go forward. Go left. Go forward up the road and down to the boat. Enter the boat. Get out. Enter the hole in the fence.

The Military Base

Enter building. Open locker. Get suit. Enter inventory and select suit to wear it. Go through barracks and enter HQ. Open left hand drawer of desk. Get key. Exit. Turn around. Enter R1. Click on all the blue screens. When you find the one with the 3 digit code, go into your inventory and enter the code on the transmitter. Go down stairs. Turn left. Exit base. Go forward. Turn right. Go forward. Turn right. Go forward.

General's House

Enter house. Use the key on the desk. Get the pink envelope. Leave house. Turn around twice and go straight down street to red light district. Go into inventory. Read pink letter. Press the button by the name on the letter. Talk to her until she drops a folder. Return to front of base. Wear uniform. Enter. Turn left. Enter L1.


Enter inventory and look at folder. Refer to game manual for 4 digit code that corresponds with word in folder. Do some quick math and add 69 to it. Enter total on machine and press open. Get radioactive isotope. Leave through door on right, and exit base through guard gate. Go forward. Turn right. Enter diner. Turn around and get bowl. Go into inventory. Put the rubber hose, sulfer, and whiskey in the bowl. If you are Zeke, you will meet Lydia here. If you are Lydia, go to the bar and Zeke will be there. Talk to Lydia or Zeke, depending on who you are. A sequence involving the radio and the general will occur and you will end up in front of Lydia's. Turn around twice. Go straight twice. Turn left. Go to Dealer Dan's.

Dealer Dan's

Give the radioactive isotope and the bowl to Barth. An angry mob will appear. Go into inventory. Press send button on the transmitor. Return to the dirt road and the spaceship. Enter ship. Talk to Barth. Insert the following into the slots on the panel: grapes, eight ball, soap, coke bottle, stop sign, traffic cone, iron, and pumpkin. Go forward to planet X.

Planet X

Enter terminal. Enter hotel. Select the computer-like box in the upper left had corner. Talk to page. Talk to council leader. Greet him or her. Wait while Barth and the council talks. They will give you a record and an invisibility shield. Return to ship. Enter it.


Go to palace. Enter. Go straight ahead in the kitchen. In dining room, go into inventory and activate invisibility shield. Go through door on left. Go into inventory and get record. Wait until they give the access codes for their spaceships. When Melcinda states the plan for invasion, place the self-recording record on her and activate it. Put in back in inventory and click it to make sure recording has been made. Exit room. Go through center door to dungeon. Select the manacles to release prisoners. Talk to them. Go up stairs. Go through right hand door to kitchen. Exit Kitchen to right. Go to launch pad. Enter ship. Enter door on right. Wait through long sequence until ship lands on Earth.

Back on Earth

After Goddesses yell war cries, leave closet. Go down stairs. Turn around. Turn right twice. Go forward. Enter radio station. Put self-recording record on turntable. Flick red switch and watch ending sequence.


Playing the game as the Barth:

At Crash

Turn left. Go straight. Turn around. Go straight to tunnel. Get traffic cone. Turn around. Go straight 4 times. Turn right. Enter sheriff's. Enter jail to left. Listen to sheriff. Get soap. Go into inventory. Get blaster. Point blaster site and wall and activate. Go through hole. Turn around. Turn left. Enter diner. Turn around. Get grapes. Exit. Go forward. Turn right. Take blaster from sack. Point blaster at stop sign. Get sign. Turn left. Enter bar.


Go to pool room. Put striped ball in a hole. Get eight ball. Exit bar. Go forward up the street. Turn left. Enter Lydia's house. Give blaster to boy. Get iron. Go forward. Turn around twice. Go forward to reservation. Enter tent. Open trash can. Get bottle. Press coin return. Get dime. Exit. Turn right. Go forward three times. Turn left. Enter store.


Give dime to man. Get pumpkin. Exit. Turn right. Go to Dealer Dan's. Talk to Lydia. Greet Lydia. Ask Lydia about radioactive isotope. Talk to Zeke. Ask Zeke about melted rubber. Zeke and Lydia tell you what has been happening and a mob appears. Wait until they go away. Turn around and return to ship. Enter ship. Turn around and put items from inventory in correct spots. Go forward to Planet X. Use the rest of the solution from the Lydia section starting at Planet X.

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